• Pac Attack — Pinch. Soak. Feed.
    Pac Attack — Pinch. Soak. Feed.

“I have Food Sticks right now but would love to try other flavors of your food to see what my fish like best. Cichlids tetras angels knifefish plecos cory cats… my angels eat the food sticks

“The new formula Algae Wafers are eagerly taken by my three clown loaches and two ancistrus plecos.”


“I recently tried your Algae Wafers for my Plecos, Otocinclus, cherry shrimp and snails. I think they’re the best… They’re awesome. I intend to keep using them. Thanks.”

Aquatic Experience – Chicago November 7-9, 2014 Chicago, Illinois
November 6-8, 2015 Chicago, Illinois