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I’m a proud supporter of hikari food. I even feed my cichlids Hikari Algae Wafers for treats because it helps bring out [their] blue and red coloration. I’ve never lost a fish on this diet and [they] are absolutely thriving

“I mix these in with my Cichlid Bio-Gold+

Your food has greatly increased the size of my goldfish… I have had these fish for less than 6 months, but your Oranda and Lionhead food is marvelous. I would like to reduce the waste of my fish while giving them the best nutrients I can… (3 orandas, 1 pearlscale, 2 black moors, 1 panda moor, 1 ryukin, 20+ comet goldfish)”

Bounthavy S
Aquatic Experience – Chicago November 7-9, 2014 Chicago, Illinois
November 7-9, 2014 Chicago, Illinois