• For the Cichlid Lovers!

I have been using your betta food for a few years now and my bettas are absolutely beautiful thanks to your food! Bettas can be very picky but mine ate this food from day one with no problems. Also I started a small saltwater aquarium about 3 months ago and I purchased your marine s and your seaweed extreme. Again my fish ate this food with no problems and there colors are amazing, they are extremely healthy. I will never use anything but Hikari brand foods, and I recommend them all the time since I work in a pet store. I am always telling my customers to buy Hikari. Your foods are the absolute BEST!!! My fish have such amazing colors and are extremely healthy. Keep up the great work !!! You have a customer for life!!

“after using this food I can confirm that it is possibly even negatively buoyant but is suspended well in the water column with minimal flow.”

“The new formula Algae Wafers are eagerly taken by my three clown loaches and two ancistrus plecos.”