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“the rise of commercially made coral foods by major players in the aquarium market is great for raising awareness that corals need to eat stuff, and do much better when they are offered a varied diet”

“I just wanted to let you know that your Blood Worms are the best on the market. I am smitten with the results. The color they bring out in my fish is just astounding… I will be a customer for life. I recommend them to everyone I know. THANKS FOR THE AMAZING PRODUCTS!”

A-1 pleco food I keep clown plecos and now albino bristlenose and they looove Hikari Algae Wafers

We selected Hikari Rotifiers for several reasons. I was already using it in my own aquariums and found it to be popular with Livebearer fry, as well as small fish like H. formosa. I like the bioencapsulation method of fortification. Since I will not use anything containing Ethoxyquin, as it has been proven toxic to fish and invert’s, the natural preservatives you use further convinced me. I am also reassured by your processing methods, from both a nutrient retention and safety standpoint.

Since there is relatively little known about the full nutritional requirements of individual fish species, we believe it’s important to include a wide variety of ingredients. Many species ingest rotifiers in the wild, either purposefully or inadvertently, and microalgae is packed with bio-available nutrients. Therefore, we feel that Hikari Rotifiers contribute to a highly nutritious, natural diet.