Coral Gumbo 40 Mini Cubes 1.75oz 50g #31270 Coralific Delite Okanagan Lake Freshwater Mysis Shrimp from Canada Aquarium Solutions Quick Ich-X Health Aid 1 fl.oz 29.5mL #73211 Pac Attack Aquarium Solutions Betta Ultimate Water Conditioner Micro Pellets New QIK-COLOR Formula - Forget Flakes! Aquarium Solutions Herbal Betta Revive Health Aid

“The fish say Ty”

“I had a turtle that loved to watch The Golden Girls with me; if I turned off the tv in the middle of an episode my turtle would move his whole body to face me and just stare me down. True story.”

“I use the Algae Wafers too and all my tanks love them as well.”

Aquatic Experience – Chicago November 7-9, 2014 Chicago, Illinois
November 7-9, 2014 Chicago, Illinois