• Pac Attack — Pinch. Soak. Feed.
    Pac Attack — Pinch. Soak. Feed.

Out of all the turtle foods I have ever tried, Turtle Sticks has shown the best results. I have been using them for about 4 years now. I have noticed that all of my turtles have kept most of their wonderful color even as old as they are. When I recently purchased a turtle from a show, it had a dull color to it. About 4 weeks later the color brightened up 10 times! I have recommended the food to all my friends that keep turtles, and they have also found how great it works.” .


“the fish love it, its clean, doesn’t stink, and doesnt sink straight to the bottom. I recommend this to anyone.”

“Hikari is the only brand of food, both dry and frozen, that I use for my fish.”