• Pac Attack — Pinch. Soak. Feed.
    Pac Attack — Pinch. Soak. Feed.

Out of all the turtle foods I have ever tried, Turtle Sticks has shown the best results. I have been using them for about 4 years now. I have noticed that all of my turtles have kept most of their wonderful color even as old as they are. When I recently purchased a turtle from a show, it had a dull color to it. About 4 weeks later the color brightened up 10 times! I have recommended the food to all my friends that keep turtles, and they have also found how great it works.” .


“I have no doubt that Hikari produces the best food products for fish on the market today! I want everyone to know that your products are great and keep my fish healthy and happy, which makes me happy!


“Hikari Seaweed Extreme is the first real algae wafer made specially for tangs”

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