• For the Cichlid Lovers!

“Your First Bites product is the greatest! Saw your product and have used it for many batches of guppy fry, and a batch of minnow (egg layer). Your food makes them more resistant to disease and predation from the adult guppies, because they are stronger. Thank you for the great product-as many competitors forget about the fry.”

Hikari jumbo Mysis is my favorite frozen food. The shrimp are large, hold together and all of my fish love them.

“my prized guppy is in love with your Brine Shrimp cubes! She literally attacks the surface of water when I feed this to her. She was never aggressive with other foods and her color has become extremely vibrant as well.”

“I have the Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel and the Micro Wafers. My fish just had a very tasty diner. I haven’t seen them eat so fast. LOL Thank you. [I keep] Frontosa and Angelic Catfish I also have juvenile julie cichlids in another tank. They loved the Micro Wafers.”