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“I own five aquatic turtles and I am always looking for better products for them. My turtles loved it.”

“Always loved your products”

“My betta has never flourished as he has since I started using the Betta Bio-Gold pellets. In fact, I can put Betta Bio-Gold pellets in his aquarium along with another competitive premium brand and my betta will actually eat your food and leave the other brand floating, he actually distinguishes between the two! His colors have been amazingly enhanced and his coloration is the envy of many of my friends who also have bettas. Because of the success with the Betta Bio-Gold pellets, I have also started feeding Hikari Bio-Pure Blood Worms to both my betta and dwarf gouramis and the Hikari Algae Wafers to my pitbull pleco. The gouramis (who are finicky eaters) will go into a frenzy for your Blood Worms and my little pleco will actually charge to an Algae Wafer as soon as it hits the aquarium floor, this is especially amazing in that he usually hides during the daylight hours but will rush to a Hikari Algae Wafer any time of day. I will be serving my fish only Hikari products as they are clearly the choice of my fish no matter what the species! They are DEFINITELY worth it!”

“a great alternative to give your tangs a nutritious treat”