• For the Cichlid Lovers!

“the rise of commercially made coral foods by major players in the aquarium market is great for raising awareness that corals need to eat stuff, and do much better when they are offered a varied diet”

“great food for your herbivores on the bottom of the tank… blennies and gobies and other fish and inverts.”

“I have been the curator at Rainforest Cafe, Seattle for more than six years. Over this time, I have been fortunate enough to be able to experiment with many different techniques to maintain our 6,000 gallon fish-only saltwater system. One of the product lines I have been proud to use has been the Hikari brand frozen foods. More specifically, we feed the following Hikari brand items: Krill, Mysis Shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Blood Worms, Ocean Plankton, Mega-Tropical, Mega-Marine, Mega-Marine Angel and Mega-Marine Algae. This is in addition to our standard diet of frozen items like Squid (whole), pollack and prawns. Lastly, we also feed romaine lettuce for fiber and Nori seaweed for greens nutrition (along with Mega-Marine Algae). The fish have thrived on the Hikari diets for more than six years. Mortality has been minimal and health has been superior over time. The issue of completeness of the fish’s diet has never been in question nor suspect when disease has broken out. We have never witnessed the production of excess phosphates or nitrates as a result in the use of the Hikari products. I have personally tested water quality in a cup of saltwater and added the product, to see no measurable phosphates or nitrates using a HACH 890 Colorimeter. I have tried other diets for the fish and the fish have reacted negatively or with refusal to eat, even through they have shown that Krill is their favorite. Krill of another brand, even though frozen, is just not the same. I have tried other formulated diets too. The production of phosphates was tremendous, along with nitrates and subsequent algae growth has a direct correlation. Everyone that has visited our tanks here in Seattle, including our corporate visitors, have been impressed with the fish’s size, health and color. I can do nothing less than thank the diets that we have chosen for making this so.”

“The Turtle pellets with Probiotics are superb”