Hikari Nishikigoi History

Nishikigoi—an export that has defined Japan’s focus on beauty, elegance and quality.

Breeding and keeping Nishikigoi is one of Japan’s most revered and time honored traditions dating back more than two hundred years. Today more than eighty varieties of Nishikigoi are bred and loved by people throughout the world because of their ever changing beauty, high adaptability to different environments, easy interaction with their owners and potential to live a long life.

In 1961, Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd. began its career as a Nishikigoi breeder in southern Japan. In 1964, a “Kamihata Sanke” (a variety of Nishikigoi) bred and raised at the Yamasaki Koi Farm was awarded the championship prize at the All Japan Nishikigoi Contest. Having a long history of making their own diets, Kamihata Fish Industries utilized this knowledge and experience and began exporting their koi foods throughout the world as Hikari brand diets.

Quickly becoming a market leader it was decided ongoing study of fish health and nutrition would be mandatory and the Hikari Aquatic Laboratory was developed. The major focus of this lab is to accumulate breeding and rearing statistics, study ingredient selection and the impact on health and coloration and research new technologies. Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd. is the only company in the world that fuses a history of tradition with modern technology to bring you and the pets you love their best.

As the most popular and trusted brand throughout Japan, Hikari is also known as the finest food among Japanese koi professionals and hobbyists. With a quintessential blend of scientific research, modern technology and over a century of experience, Hikari specialized diets have been the winning diets used by expert koi breeders to consecutively sweep the All Japan Grand Championship since 2003. If you want a diet as rich in time honored tradition as koi themselves, use Hikari!