February drawing winners

Congratulations to the winners of our February email drawing. All of our lucky winners will be awarded one 0.77 oz (22 g) bag of Hikari Tropical Mini Algae Wafers! Stand proud my friends.

Hikari Tropical Mini Algae Wafers - A Size Smaller Herbivores Love!

Jane Tipton
Patrick Donegan
Pat Nunziata
Matthew Siegel
Kelsey Nygaard
Cynthia Kung
Andrew Erskine
Mike Mowrey
Robert Gyorky
James Akers
Erica Szeto
Jeanne Carrier
Melissa Ryan
Matt Chan
Norm Clements
Robert Anderson
Chris Coleman
Anthony Singh
Jackie Levin
Jermaine Gordon
Rich Walsten
Michael Fradkin
Shelley Pittman
Mike Jagadich

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