Betta Revive - The World's Most Effective Product Available To Prevent & Control Betta Problems

Betta Revive

The World’s Most Effective Product Available To Prevent & Control Betta Problems

Betta Revive offers an easy-to-use dispenser and treats 16 ounces of water with just one drop. For times when your betta is suffering from various disease issues, look no further than Aquarium Solutions to help you resolve the issue.

Key Benefits

Prevents & Controls Protozoan Diseases
Prevents & Controls Bacterial Diseases
Prevents & Controls Fungal Diseases
Helps Regenerate Damaged Fins & Tails
Active Ingredient Speeds Recovery
Safe & Effective Short-Term Treatment (3 to 7 days typically)
Gives Your Betta Their Best Chance At A Rapid Recovery

Available Sizes

0.08 oz. Item #71100 (Treats 5 Gallons)

Directions For Use

For the prevention and control of diseases of bettas; best used with daily water changes. Add one (1) drop per 16 fluid ounces of water for at least three (3) days. Use Aquarium Solutions Betta Ultimate to treat tap water when changing water or setting up a new betta bowl. Discontinue use of Betta Revive after a cure has been achieved. Treatment should be discontinued after seven (7) days. If cure has not been achieved use an alternative course of treatment.


Water, neomycin sulfate (<10%), methylene blue (<0.5%), proprietary polymer mixture, buffers, EDTA, malachite green chloride (<0.01%), cyanocobalamin and electrolytes.


Perform regular water changes to keep the pH stable and the water clean and clear.
Use Betta Ultimate at its regular dose, to control ammonia levels as needed. Use only a salicylate-type total ammonia test kit when testing water for ammonia. Do not use Nessler-type ammonia test kits, nor Winkler-type dissolved oxygen test kits as these types of test kits can cause false high and inaccurate readings. Do not use with permanganate or chlorite-based treatments.

CAUTION: Inner container is a choking hazard and contains strong dyes in solution, please keep out of the reach of children not under adult supervision. Care should be taken as dyes can cause permanent staining. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. In case of contact with skin, wash area thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.

Because We Care: Betta Revive is highly effective and extremely easy to use in the proper amounts.

Download product safety data sheet (PDF)