The World’s Most Easy To Use Water Conditioner For Bettas

Betta Ultimate offers an easy-to-use dispenser and treats 16 ounces of water with just one drop. The product cannot be overdosed and residual product in the water will remove ammonia put there by your betta. Give your betta the best environment possible using Betta Ultimate’s patented technology and ordinary tap water!


Destroys Chloramines
Eliminates Ammonia
Eliminates Chlorine
Detoxifies Nitrite
Detoxifies Heavy Metals (including copper)
Replaces Missing Skin Slime Selectively (only where missing)
Adds Essential Electrolytes For Good Health
Buffers The Water (boosts alkalinity)
Reduces Stress
Instantly “Ages” Your Betta’s Water
Cannot Be Overdosed
Gives Your Betta Their Best Chance At A Healthy Environment




0.08 oz. (Treats 5 Gallons) Item #72230


To condition water for new betta bowls or water changes for existing betta bowls, add 1 drop of Betta Ultimate per 16 fluid ounces (one (1) pint) of water. Entire contents of package treats five (5) gallons of tap water.


ClorAm-X, electrolytes, buffers and a proprietary polymer formula in aqueous solution.


Perform regular water changes to keep the pH stable and the water clean and clear. Use Betta Ultimate at its regular dose, to control ammonia levels as needed. Use only a salicylate-type total ammonia test kit when testing water for ammonia. Do not use Nessler-type ammonia test kits, nor Winkler-type dissolved oxygen test kits as these types of test kits can cause false high and inaccurate readings. Do not use with permanganate or chlorite-based treatments. For assistance with Betta health issues try Betta Revive.

Caution: Inner container is a choking hazard, please keep out of the reach of children not under adult supervision. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

Because We Care: Betta Ultimate is non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life and extremely easy to use in the proper amounts.

 Download product safety data sheet (PDF)