Palette surgeonfish and clown fish swimming together

3 Tools to Maintain Ideal Water Conditions

Every fish owner wants the best possible environments for their aquatic pets, and that is why maintaining a clean aquatic environment is essential in keeping your fish happy and healthy. A lot goes into maintaining an aquarium and at Hikari® we offer a number of products to keep your fish’s environment pristine with less work for you.

Water Conditioning

Making sure the water in your aquarium is free of toxic chemicals added to keep it safe for us is one of the most important aspects of caring for your fish’s environment. Our Ultimate® water conditioner is the world’s first full-function water conditioner and is a perfect all-in-one option that requires less additives and testing for you. It eliminates many harmful chemicals and heavy metals from water ensuring your fish are not exposed to health risks like ammonia, chloramines and nitrate. Ultimate® also “ages” the water, by conditioning it quickly so your pets can enjoy a perfect environment without having to wait 24 hours.

Filters and Pumps

Equipment like air pumps and filters can make regulating your aquarium a breeze. Our FujiMac Air Pump offers top-of-the-line performance while reducing the typical energy costs associated with these types of equipment. It uses up to 40% less power and 30% less heat than competitors, while providing more power and longer lasting components. This means the pump can actually pay for itself in just a few years of energy savings given today’s escalating energy costs. Our pump is designed to work quietly and efficiently, ensuring your fish always have more than enough oxygen in their water. Another benefit of using an air pump is the ability to utilize sponge filters to increase biologic action in your tank. Our Bacto-Surge® Sponge Filters offer the ultimate in mechanical and biological filtration, and are also some of the easiest types of filters to use. Our proprietary sponge, developed for use underwater rather than for air filtration,  traps debris while helping significantly more beneficial bacteria to grow, and the soft sponge material allows for easy clean-up. This is another Hikari® Sales USA product built to last.

Hand Sanitizer

Another way your fish’s aquatic environment could be negatively affected is potentially dangerous bacteria transferring from you to your fish or visa versa. Many pet owners do not realize that they carry germs that can easily be spread to their animals and contaminate their aquarium. GermGone® is a foaming hand sanitizer formulated to protect your pets – whether they are reptiles, amphibians, or freshwater, marine or pond fish. It is formulated without alcohol, scent or perfumes, easily eliminating germs while also preventing the contamination potential of other hand sanitizers.

Whatever your needs, at Hikari® we offer a wide variety of products that help you keep your aquarium clean and your fish healthy while reducing your workload. Look for our newest addition to our product offering this fall, Rio® brand aquarium pumps and filter media. Energy saving pumps with a long history of quality in their category. The technologically advanced filter media also helps you maintain better aquatic environments while giving you more time to enjoy your fish.

We’re happy to help with any questions you may have! Email us at with the details of your fish and aquarium setup and one of our expert team members can assist in meeting your needs.