Hikari Sales USA fish and reptile foods showing silver arowana

Adding an Arowana to Your Tank

Arowana are bony freshwater fish also referred to as dragon fish or monkey fish. They are indigenous to South America, Asia, Africa and Australia too and are prized possessions in the fishkeeping industry. Not typically a good choice for the novice aquarist, adding an arowana to your tank requires several considerations. First a bit more about these spectacular specimens:

Behavior and Size
As large fish, some arowana can be quite aggressive. They require plenty of tank space to mimic their natural habitat. If they are placed in an aquarium that’s too small, they will jump out and can easily injure themselves. A juvenile arowana can be raised in a 60 gallon tank, while a full size arowana requires at least 250 gallons.

Location of Tank
You’ll also want to consider keeping their tank in a low traffic area of your home. Due to arowana’s skittish nature, they need plenty of space without sudden movements or bright lights.

Water Conditions
Tolerant to changing conditions, you should aim to maintain your water temperature around 75-82 degrees with pH levels of 6.5-7.5. We recommend that you change 25% of your water weekly and be sure you have strong and efficient filtration to maintain water quality.

Tank Population
As predator fish, arowanas should not be housed with other aggressive breeds. To ensure the safety of your fish population, pair an arowana with peaceful fish that are large enough to avoid presenting themselves as food. Several good species include catfish, parrot cichlid, angelfish and larger Plecostomus.

As carnivores, you’ll like to offer your arowana a mix of foods in addition to a high quality formulated diet including small fish and crustaceans. For a special treat, be sure to offer variety including larger insects, smaller snakes and the occasional frog.