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The Best Products for Water Quality

There are two critical things you should maintain as a success-driven aquarium hobbyist; make sure to maintain good water quality and use a high quality formulated food. Not only is bad water the number one killer of fish, it can also cause mechanical issues with your filtration systems, degrade tank decor, and result in a visual eyesore within your home. In fact, it may turn you off from the beauty and joy of viewing your own splendid underwater environment.

To ensure that your tank’s water quality is up to par, here are a few suggestions:

Correct Set Up
If you incorporate substrate, gravel or rocks, be sure to check for lime. Lime can make your water more alkaline and leave you struggling to find balance. You want to only use clean decor that is specifically designed for aquarium use. Trust us, this can help eliminate many issues down the line.

Testing Frequently
You can’t fix bad water if you are unaware that it’s not up to snuff. To know where you stand, we recommend testing with a good quality test kit weekly. Water hardness or pH, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia are the minimum tests that should be performed.

Weekly Water Changes
The most important part of keeping good water is changing about 15 to 20 percent of your water volume weekly. This introduces new trace materials for your fish, plants and bacteria. In addition, it can help keep ammonia and nitrate levels down and your water clearer.

Products to Help
If your testing shows you are out of range on any specific test, there are a variety of top-notch products available to help. At Hikari®, we have developed effective, high quality solutions to address many water quality issues.

Talk to your local professional fish store personnel about the conditions of your tank and our products that can help restore your tank’s health, and your joy for the underwater world.