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Best Selling Tropical Fish for Beginning Aquarists

If you are new to the fishkeeping hobby, there’s a great many things to consider when setting up your first aquarium. One of the most exciting decisions to be made is which species of fish you will use to populate your tank.

For starters, you’ll want to pay attention to the hardiness, size, price, and feeding habits of tropical fish. Because your tank environment will be new, this means that the water quality can fluctuate quickly with excess food or waste. Once your tank matures it will establish enough helpful bacteria to sustain its environment with less drastic water shifts.

For those setting up new tropical tanks, several great tropical fish to consider include:

  • Redtail Sharks
    These small sharks feature black bodies with bright red tails. They are typically 6-7 inches in length and like living in tropical freshwater environments with dense vegetation.
  • Catfish
    These cool bottom-feeders have calm temperaments and long lifespans that make them an aquarium must have. Plus, there’s over 140 different types of catfish to choose from giving you a huge range of options for adding a hardy tank cleaner to your fish mix.
  • Swordtails
    Known for their unique, eye-catching tails, these mainstream species are excellent fish for beginning aquarists.
  • Zebra Danio
    Recognizable for their zebra patterning, these affordable schooling fish love a community and make good starter packs for those just getting their feet wet.
  • Cichlids
    Although cichlids can be classified as semi-aggressive, this is typically only in breeding season. Otherwise, these Central American fish can add plenty of beauty and wonder to your freshwater tank accompanied by larger, more active fish.