Fancy Goldfish

Choosing the Best Food for Your Goldfish

Ensuring your fish receive a proper diet that meets their unique nutritional needs is an important consideration for any pet owner. Goldfish have distinct dietary requirements, and at Hikari® we offer a number of different products tailored to meet these needs. From supporting a fish’s immune system, to enhancing their natural coloration to meeting the specific needs of particular breeds, at Hikari® we offer various food options to make sure your goldfish stay beautiful and healthy for years to come. Read on to see the best food for your goldfish.

Probiotic and Immune Boosters

While there are lots of foods making probiotic claims, finding those probiotics that actually provide a benefit to the fish and not just a marketing slant is difficult at best. At Hikari® we spent many years and worked through a large number of probiotic options to find those which actually provide a benefit to the immune system and digestive process of the fish. Saki-Hikari® Fancy Goldfish is the result of all this work for goldfish varieties. This diet is rich in Astaxanthin and pure cultured spirulina as well as Vitamin E and stabilized Vitamin C, providing unique immune system boosting capabilities. Our Goldfish Wheat-Germ™ is another popular option for owners looking for an easily digestible diet or when they are encountering swim bladder issues with their fish. The inclusion of high levels of the inner most portion of the wheat germ kernel make this diet ideal for goldfish that are not able to swim upright due to swim bladder issues. It can also be used for baby koi.

Enhancing Coloration

The unique and beautiful variations in color amongst the various types of goldfish are some of their most sought-after qualities. Using a diet that has not only the right color enhancing ingredients but in combination with the other nutrients that allow them to be properly utilized. A diet which contains the proper amounts of carotenes and carotenoids can go a long way in bringing out the natural color of your goldfish, which is why we designed our Goldfish Gold® and Sinking Goldfish Excel® each of which offers color enhancement benefits. Both these foods provide safe and effective ways to enhance the colors of your fish, with carefully selected ingredients to guarantee optimum health and appearance.

Species Specific

As the originator of the Species Specific™ dietary approach, we understand that different species and breeds often have very different nutritional needs, which is why we actually offer a number of food options rather than simply label changes using the same food inside the package. Our Oranda Gold® and Lionhead scientifically developed diets are designed to meet the needs of Lionhead, Oranda, Ranchu and other specific breeds, ensuring their unique body characteristics are considered. Lionhead goldfish in particular are some of the most prized and coveted species, and these dietary options promote the desirable growth of their trademark heads without having to rely on live foods. As many goldfish keepers know, live foods can bring undesirable side effects.

Goldfish are popular and beautiful pets that warrant your consideration. Choosing food that enhances their color, supports their immune systems and is tailored to their specific needs is paramount in keeping them happy and healthy for many years.

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