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The Most Common Missteps with Nano Tanks

Nano tanks have skyrocketed in popularity. Due to their uniquely small size, they have attracted an entirely new audience to the fish fanatic community. The convenience of a nano tank and ease of care can be misleading, however. Before you hop in, there are a few common pitfalls to be aware of.

Here are the top missteps we commonly see when it comes to maintaining a happy and healthy nano environment and what you can do to avoid them.

Water Chemistry
In such a small marine environment, with little room for error given the limited amount of water, proper water chemistry is of the utmost importance. Since marine systems require time to mature, any evaporation of water can radically skew your water parameters.  Salinity changes, while impacting the fish and corals can also impact the pH.

Some quick tips; avoid over-feeding your fishy friends to prevent excess organic waste or the buildup of uneaten, decaying food. You’ll need to keep an eagle eye on your water chemistry and we suggest replenishing water lost through evaporation daily.

Tank Inhabitants
When curating species for your nano tank, many individuals mistakenly select species that are only right for a nano sized aquarium for a very short period of time before they outgrow the space. For example, if you want to include coral, you’ll need to select a slow-growing species to prevent it taking over the entire environment. For fish, opt for species that stay below 3”. We suggest talking to your local fish store professionals about your tanks total capacity if you are unsure.

Bad Maintenance Habits
Just like other aquarium environments, a nano tank requires time and attention. People often think the smaller size of the tank will offer ease of care, but this is untrue. Any fishkeeping expert will tell you that you’ll need to perform regular water changes, keep a close eye on water health, and feed your fish smaller amounts of food more frequently without overfeeding to have an enjoyable nano tank experience.