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Creating Hikari Users for Life

At Hikari®, we merge scientific research with modern technology and over 140 years of experience to craft specialized “species-specific” diets. While our goal is to help consumers stay in the hobby and their fish to live a long and health-filled life, we many times find our approach has helped us to develop users for life.

With a rich history, many generations old, our true aquatic hobby roots began as we transitioned from food fish breeding to Nishikigoi breeding in 1961. Utilizing over 80 years of knowledge and experience before that transition, Kamihata Fish Industries started producing and exporting our own unique blend of koi foods under the Hikari® brand name before others even knew this market existed.

Gaining market share provided us the opportunity to further study fish health and nutrition through the Hikari® Aquatic Laboratory. This lab offers us key insight to ingredient selection and its impact on fish health, growth, form and coloration in a controlled environment. The hundreds of research projects conducted there annually, give us a unique nutrient perspective most other brands do not given they are primarily marketers of a food they buy from someone else.

Today, Hikari® is one of the most trusted fish food brands in the world. Our rich tradition and focus on fish health have helped us deliver award-winning diets used by breeders, grand champion hobbyists and casual users too. We know “species specific” matters and with this focus have developed a number of diets to help your fish look and feel their best, which include:

With the knowledge we can help hobbyists find success, all of us at Hikari® are extremely pleased when we can turn a Hikari® user into a dedicated fish foodie for life!