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Featured Foods for Marine Diets

As a company that’s been making species-specific freshwater diets backed by scientific research for decades our marine diets are some of the newer additions to our product offering. When it comes to the various types of marine fish including corals and some crustaceans, our team has spent considerable time crafting formulated diets that are designed to appeal to the nutritional needs of these tank inhabitants.

By supporting outstanding growth and the bright coloration aquarium hobbyists crave and enjoy, we work diligently to create happy and healthy aquatic environments too. Featured here are several of our most popular marine diet products:

  • Saki-Hikari Marine Herbivore  – The world’s first probiotic enhanced offering, this marine fish nutrient mix contains a wide variety of seaweeds in addition to our proprietary probiotic mix to deliver benefits to both herbivores and omnivores alike.
  • Saki-Hikari Marine Carnivore  – Our team diligently crafted Marine Carnivore probiotic properties using desirable marine proteins and our proprietary probiotic mix. This tasty nutrient mix has even the most finicky of fish attacking it in short order.
  • Coral Gumbo – A unique combination of whole ingredients that corals love, Coral Gumbo, is a one for all combination for corals and smaller marine fish. Free of harmful parasites and unwanted bacteria, our multi-step sterilization avoids contamination issues while boosting immune system health through added vitamins.
  • Seaweed Extreme – Made with more than 67% natural algae, this state-of-the-art nutritional option for marine herbivores offers a pellet form that has never been available before. Gone are the days of slimy seaweed strips and the problems they can cause your aquarium.
  • Marine A (for adult fish)/Marine-S (for smaller fish) – With clam extract to satisfy even the pickiest of marine fish eaters, this color-enhancing nutrient mix promotes proper growth and development for a wider selection of marine fishes and becomes soft like sponge when put in water.

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