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Goldfish Care Guide

Most people underestimate the joys of owning goldfish. In theory, goldfish have a bad rap, relegated to their roles as carnival prizes or reptile food when in fact, these delightful specimens make excellent aquarium companions. If you are looking for a relatively cost-effective and entertaining way to step into fish-keeping, then goldfish may be for you.

Here, we provide a guide to caring for these much-underrated creatures.

First, the Fish
Getting any type of new pet can be thrilling. When it comes to selecting your new goldfish, you’ll want to opt for those that look like they are thriving in the store tank. This means that they are actively swimming around and look perky. You’ll also want to check to ensure that the fish you pick out look physically healthy without any obvious genetic defects like missing fins or collapsed mouths.

Additionally, scope out the other habitants of the tank to check for sick or dead fish. You don’t want to spot any fish that are struggling to swim (whether sinking or floating) or otherwise have noticeable health conditions.

Consider Tank Size
When making your breed selection, think about what size aquarium you plan on keeping. Although most of us consider the standard small goldfish of our youth, there are many kinds of goldfish that grow to all different sizes. There are actually a few types that can

grow up to a foot long, like the Commons, Comets and Shubunkins. For smaller tanks, look at fancy goldfish, decipherable by their two-fin tails. The most popular beginning ones of this kind include Fantails and Black Moors.

Starter Equipment
For a thriving tank, you’ll need a water filter system, a siphon to assist in water changes, an aquarium light, sand substrate and live plants. One other critical item is food. At Hikari, we produce an entire line of goldfish-specific items that can help your prized specimen look their best.

When it comes to care, you’ll need to maintain a healthy tank environment, complete with clean water. Most of the joy of fish ownership is in being privy to watching these beautiful creatures thrive. Reach out to our expert team if you desire more information!