One young bearded dragon in a terrarium, leaning against a log and looking in the camera with disdain

How to Help Your Reptiles Enjoy the Summer

The summer months are a great time to let your pets get some fresh air and sunshine, but extra care must be given to ensure your reptile companions stay safe and cool. Whether you want to let your pets out every once in a while or create an outdoor terrarium that lets them enjoy the outside long-term, there are some essential safety tips to keep in mind.

While your reptile may enjoy basking in the sun, it is important to monitor them so they don’t get overheated. It may help to assign an area away from the sun where they can cool off and to watch out for symptoms like an open mouth or skin that is hot to the touch. Reptiles don’t do well in colder temperatures, but during the warm summer months it is a great idea to switch up your reptile’s routine and let them enjoy some adventures outdoors.

Predators and other animals are also a concern, so it helps to keep an eye on your reptiles and make sure you take the proper precautions so that they don’t attract unwanted attention. Chicken wire over an enclosure will help keep animals like birds and coyotes away and keep your reptiles protected. Unattended pets may also eat bugs or other things that could be harmful to their health, so monitor your pets to make sure they are not eating anything they are not supposed to.

Outdoor terrariums are also a great choice if you want your pet to have a more permanent location to enjoy the weather. A place to stay warm in the morning and cool off in the afternoon is a vital part of caring for your reptiles outdoors, and an outdoor terrarium allows your pets to experience the more natural, seasonal cycles they would experience in the wild.

A mix of outdoor and indoor housing is an ideal choice for your pets, as it fulfills the needs of your reptiles for things like sunlight during the warmer months, while still protecting them when the weather is not as favorable.

Getting some sunshine is essential for all pets, and reptiles are no exception. With the proper precautions in place, some time in the sun is a great addition to your pet’s routine.

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