Koi fish in pond

The Importance of High-Quality Aquatic Diets

Providing fish with high-quality food is paramount for hobbyists, as scientifically balanced nutrition can ensure the health and longevity of your fish. At Hikari®, we have decades of experience providing industry-leading dietary options to fish owners. Fish, like many other animals, require a diverse array of nutrients to thrive, and a uniquely balanced diet formulated to their needs is essential for maintaining an ideal environment and beautifully vivid tank inhabitants. Here are some reasons food quality matters.

Growth and Development

Inadequate or poor-quality fish food can lead to a range of health issues, from deformities to stunted growth. Malnutrition can be particularly detrimental to young or growing fish, who have very specific nutritional demands to meet their full potential. To ensure your fish’s dietary needs are met, a scientifically formulated and ideally balanced, high-quality diet can be an easy way to promote growth and proper form. At Hikari® we offer several different dietary options tailored to the breed of your fish and designed to ensure a health-filled life and beautiful appearance. Our Hikari® Oranda Gold® is designed for Oranda, Lionhead and other types of goldfish and promotes head growth, enhanced coloration and immune system support.

Expertly designed dietary options can be very important for fish like koi who need highly digestible ingredients to develop size and color, while avoiding pond pollution. Our Hikari® Hi-Growth™ is a unique balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals that allows hobbyists to supplement their diet and ensure they benefit from rapid growth without causing health related issues.


Different species have unique dietary needs, and a high-quality nutrition choice can help owners provide optimum nutrients targeted to the individual fish. At Hikari®, we originated the Species Specific™ dietary approach to give hobbyists the unparalleled ability to tailor the dietary options they provide to their fish. What works well for one species might not be ideal for another, which is why we offer several products for koi, goldfish, cichlids and many other species that ensures their unique needs are met.

Food options like our Saki-Hikari® Color Enhancing Koi Diet and Cichlid Gold® help owners bring out the best in their fish, regardless of their type. By focusing on the unique and complex needs of individual species and supporting them with tailored and uniquely formulated options, you can have the peace of mind your fish will be happy and healthy for years to come.

We’re happy to help with any questions you may have! Email us at fish@hikariusa.com and one of our expert team members can assist in meeting your needs.