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Introducing Hikari® Herptile: A New Line of Food Products for Reptiles

As an international leader in aquatic nutrition, Hikari® is proud to introduce Hikari Herptile, a new line of groundbreaking food products for lizards and other reptiles. The new products include ready-to-use gel items that will entice lizards with their natural food-like texture, while providing all of the nutrients and minerals required for optimal health. Find a vendor near you!

All Hikari food products are uniquely created for the specific types of animals for which they are intended. Hikari Herptile features the following supplement-rich, scientifically formulated and lab-verified nutrient blends:

  • LeopaGel™. Developed for Leopard Geckos and other insect-eating lizards, LeopaGel offers an appealing live food-like texture.
  • CrestGel™. Ideal for the Crested Gecko and other fruit and insect-eating lizards, CrestGel has a natural food-like texture that lizards will happily attack.
  • DragonGel™. DragonGel boasts a natural food-like texture that Bearded Dragons and other vegetable-eating lizards will adore.
  • Dragon Delite™. This scientifically balanced nutrient mix is ideal for adult Bearded Dragons over eight inches, and other vegetable and insect-eating lizards with larger appetites. Lizards will love the pellets’ texture, which is akin to live food.

Hikari Herptile products are designed to make the process of feeding lizards and other reptiles easier for owners, and tastier and more nutritious for pets. A 30-day supply of each product is packed in an Oxy-Stop™ dual format package with an easy-feed™ spout for proper proportion offerings — which eliminates the hassle of mixing food and dealing with odor and wasted product. Most importantly, no additional supplementation is required, as each diet provides the nutrients and minerals that reptiles need to thrive. With continued exclusive use of Hikari Herptile products, pet owners will observe a noticeable reduction in waste odor and stickiness, thereby minimizing the amount of time required to clean their reptiles’ habitats.