Hikari Sales USA fish and reptile foods showing Weird Waters promo

We’re A The Major Sponsor of an Animated Series: Meet Weird Waters

At Hikari®, we love all things aquatic! In fact, we’ve spent almost 144 years immersed in fish and have spent considerable time exploring the natural habitats of fish around the world while working to create the world’s most recognized premium aquatic diets.

As originators of the “species specific” approach to nutrition, we’re dedicated to providing unique insights into the nutritional needs of fish while providing diets to improve the long term health of aquatic pets around the globe. At Hikari® we deeply understand fish, their eating habits and the specific dietary requirements unique to each species. Maintaining our focus on exacting nutrition has allowed us to create a brand name that is synonymous with superior quality.

In continuing with our enthusiasm for the underwater world, we’re thrilled to share that we are a major sponsor of an upcoming animated series called Weird Waters.

This CGI animated fantasy series features a trio of best fish friends on a freshwater adventure of a lifetime. BZ, a German blue ram who is also a natural-born adventurer and I.M. Tiger, a young, nervous tiger barb with the full name of Ichabod Maximus Tiger are two tropical adolescent fish who accidentally end up in the deep waters of a magical pond. The third of the group is Jam, a rebellious neon tetra who can’t wait to grow up, and who also gets wrapped up in the trio’s adventures as they navigate monsters, ancient mysteries, wild adventures and hidden realms they discover together.

We can’t wait to have this highly entertaining and freshwater fish friendly series available to help introduce children to a unique underwater world that will peak their interest in fish keeping in the future.

You can watch the trailer here.