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Reducing the Use of Plastic in Your Life

One of the biggest threats facing ocean and freshwater environments is plastics pollution. Each year more than eight million tons of plastic make its way into the ocean dramatically impacting wildlife and the environment. At Hikari Sales USA, Inc., we care deeply about this threat to aquatic life and that’s why we’d like to take a moment to encourage you to reduce the use of plastic in your life.

In fact, here’s a few simple ways you can help reduce your individual plastic use:

    When heading to the market or local store, instead of opting for a single use plastic bag at checkout, bring your reusable bag. Disposable shopping bags have already been banned in our home state, so we have some first hand experience. Taking the simple step to bring your own stylish bags can help reduce waste, eliminate trash and wipe out the chance that plastic bag could end up in a waterway somewhere.
  • Bottled Water – By, By
    Next, opt for using a stainless steel water bottle and carrying it with you wherever you go. Not only will you save money by not purchasing water in plastic bottles and paying the CRV for each bottle, you’ll probably stay more hydrated due to the water in your stainless steel bottle staying colder and more appealing.
  • Straws ☹
    Whether you are at home or dining out in a restaurant, single use straws are a huge contributor to plastic pollution. Next time, just try kindly letting the waitstaff know that you’d like to skip the straw. You’ll be amazed how easy it will become.
  • Food Storage Hints
    Yes, leftovers can also contribute to plastic pollution. Do you toss your extras in plastic bags or plastic containers? Are you a frequent user of cling wrap? Instead, invest in a few high-quality glass containers and/or jars for your storage needs. You’ll be surprised how much better the food tastes and the length of time you can store it without it degrading.

With some minor changes in our daily routine, we can bring about positive changes for the future of our planet. All it takes is a little awareness, small changes to our daily routine and not much in the way of effort! How are you reducing your negative environmental impact?