Cichlasoma severum swimming

Tank-Mates You’ll Love

Looking to add new fish to your home aquarium? Can’t you just go to the pet store and select whatever beautiful fancy fish catches your eye? Likely not a great idea! Fish must be compatible with one another and suitable to your existing aquatic environment. Some fish require more space than others and certain fish do better in groups. That’s why it’s important to do your fish homework to find those that are compatible with your tank and other fish.

Finding Compatibility
Many different kinds of freshwater fish can peacefully coexist. For example, guppies, danios, tetras and swordtails are happy group swimmers that adjust easily to new arrivals.

  • Guppies
    If you are a beginner, we recommend this small and colorful species. As active swimmers, these little fish can add plenty of movement to your tank. Not to mention, they get along with tetras, gouramis, corydoras and many other freshwater fish. You will want to watch out and protect your guppies from larger species including red-tailed sharks or barbs as they can lash out and nibble on your guppies’ fins if they are hungry. Also, if babies arrive, separate them in a specimen container or breeding net until they are larger to avoid disappearance.
  • Zebra Danio
    A fun, social and extremely hardy species for community living, the Zebra Danio lives approximately five years, comes in a range of colors and is quite easy to care for. These fish lack aggression and tend to be more playful.
  • Tetras
    Another energetic freshwater fish, these schooling fish prefer warm, heavily planted water and get along great with other small, non-aggressive fish including catfish or barbs.
  • Swordtails
    These beauties have delicate fins and sharp, angular tails that make them fun to observe. We recommend introducing five or more at a time because they prefer to school and a lone male swordtail can otherwise get aggressive.

If you have any questions about fish compatibility, other options or the best Hikari® food to make your fishy friends excel, please email us at We’re here to help!