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The Benefits of Silkworm in Fish Feed

Silkworm are the caterpillar of several moth species that are used to produce silk. When they begin their pupa phase, a silkworm encases itself in raw silk. The entire pupa is then harvested and boiled to separate the silk from the cocoon. In this process, the spent pupae are considered a waste material but they have been captured by Eastern cultures for some time to be used in a range of applications like industrial oil production, fertilizers, livestock feed, or even human food.

For centuries, Japanese Koi breeders have been using silkworm pupae as a natural food to help Koi gain weight more rapidly. This is because silkworms are one of the healthiest feeder insects around, containing very little fat and high levels of calcium, protein, and various B vitamins. These properties help Koi and other fish, not only grow at a faster rate, but also help to improve the luster and shine of their scales.

Including silkworm pupae in a fish diet is a great way to simulate the type of nutrient dense variety that Koi would experience if they were kept in mud pond or other fish might find in the wild. If you think about it, a fish in the wild graze on a wide variety of edible plants, algaes and insects throughout the day. In order to replicate that varied food source in a tank or pond, including some other nutrient sources, like silkworm pupae, is a great idea.

While there are a number of different silkworm pupae options available on the market, Hikari® manufactures a unique product which is processed and packaged to avoid oxidation, a common issue with competitive silkworm pupae type products. This fresher and more potent delivery system of for these nutrients help your fish avoid potential health problems from too much of a good thing or rancidity. Our formula is also tried and tested to offer a flavor that Koi enjoy as some can be finicky eaters with a taste for the finer things mother nature has to offer.

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