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Top 5 Fish for Beginners (and the Food That Keeps Them Vibrant and Healthy)

If you are new to the aquarium hobby, welcome. Keeping an underwater world in your home is a wonderful way to bring moments of peace, reflection and observation into your life. While vastly different than keeping pets like cats or dogs, the aquarium hobby offers pure enjoyment by connecting with nature at home.

After you’ve selected your tank, equipment and other necessary materials, the next step is selecting who will become your fishy friends. At Hikari, we find this to be the most enjoyable part of the process, but it should only be done when your aquatic environment is ready. For beginners, there are a few specific types of fish that we recommend when starting out.

These small, tropical freshwater fish are popular in aquariums for their bright colors and ease of care. Known for being calm and as a schooling fish, tetras can make great tank mates that are also fun to watch. We suggest schools of five or more for best results. Remember, different species of fish require specific nutrients which is why we offer “species specific diets™” and always have. Also, remember you can supplement a formulated food with Bio-Pure® frozen or ®Bio-Pure FD freeze dried foods as a treat.

Best food choices: Micro Pellets®. Vibra Bites® Baby or Micro Wafers™.

One of the world’s most widely kept tropical fish, guppies are also referred to as rainbow fish or millionfish. Native to South America, this species of fish can add color and constant motion to a tank and are an affordable option for those just getting started. Best food choices: Hikari Fancy Guppy® or First Bites® for fry.

Native to Asia and from small ponds or shallow waters, these freshwater fish require little care in exchange for a spirited personality. As territorial creatures, however, they should not be housed with other bettas but can co-exist peacefully with other tropical fish like tetras or corydoras, especially when given the right stress-reducing nutrient package. Best food choices: Betta Bio-Gold® or Vibra Bites® Baby.

Many of us got our introduction to fish keeping with a goldfish. They are truly the people’s fish and revered in many cultures. Available in a wide range of domesticated varieties, these low-maintenance pets are an enjoyable tank inhabitant and thrive on a “species specific diets™” developed specifically for them. Best food choices: Saki-Hikari® Fancy Goldfish, Sinking Goldfish Excel®, Goldfish Gold® or our other uniquely balanced specialty goldfish diets.

A commonly kept freshwater fish, angelfish come in unique colors and shapes that include triangle fins and round bodies. These lovely fish do well in captivity with a higher protein diet and make great starter pets for those just foraying into the wonderful underwater world. Best food choices: Vibra Bites® or Micro Wafers™.

Other Options
Another great addition to your tropical environment are shrimp. There are a wide variety to chose from with varying colors and sizes. They are a delight to watch and interact with. Best food choice: Shrimp Cuisine™.