Beautiful cichlid aquarium

Water Issues and Quality Solutions

Maintaining stellar water quality is integral to sustaining happy aquatic pets and a healthy aquarium. Regular observation of your tank will often provide early signs something is amiss.

Some of the most common water quality issues we see include:

  • White or Cloudy Water
    Caused by high ammonia levels that can trigger bacterial blooms, this condition can be attributed to an overpopulated tank, overfeeding or cleaning with too much chlorinated water.
  • Rust or Reddish Water
    Due to an imbalance in mineral rich water containing too much iron, this water issue can cause quick growing algae.
  • Ammonia Spikes
    Due to the presence of too much nitrifying bacteria, this water condition occurs when new fish are introduced without enough time for a suitable bacteria colony to establish a healthy environment (nitrogen cycle has not been completed).
  • Excess Debris
    Any accumulation of waste material – be it food or waste can compromise water quality by exacerbating nitrogen levels making the water ideal for algae blooms.
  • Presence of Tan Worms
    Most worms are due to overfeeding, excess debris or inadequate filtration. While mostly harmless, the presence of white or tan worms can indicate a water quality that is negatively impacting your fish without visible signs.

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