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Brine Shrimp 411

Brine shrimp are considered to be one of the most important sources of food in the fish industry. This is, in part, due to their incredibly high energy profile. These small crustaceans are known for their multiple pairs of legs and hard exterior shells and there are several varieties of them, but they are typically categorized as one single species.

Brine shrimp are not found in ocean water like regular shrimp. Instead, they live in many inland salt waters as they have a tolerance for high salinity water.

For tropical fish, brine shrimp are an ideal food. In fact, many baby tropical fish are drawn to these food source due to their movement. At Hikari, to capitalize on the nutritive quality of these shrimps, we’ve created a dedicated Bio-Pure Omega Brine Shrimp product that  offers one of the world’s cleanest and omega-fatty acid-rich brine shrimp offering on the market.

Custom cultivated in ponds ripe with rich green algae, our patented product features gut-loading, bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins complete with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – two critical components for marine fish.

Our naturally plump and nutritious bring fish are flash frozen at their full potential to deliver superior cleanliness and outstanding product quality.

Many aquarist enthusiast will set up their own brine shrimp hatchery but with our offering, you don’t even need to bother. We can take care of the science and yield superior results for your tank.