• For the Cichlid Lovers!

“WOW. I have never seen such colors in my fish before! The physical appearance changed fast once I started using Micro Pellets, my fish have colors I never knew they came in! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Your food has greatly increased the size of my goldfish… I have had these fish for less than 6 months, but your Oranda and Lionhead food is marvelous. I would like to reduce the waste of my fish while giving them the best nutrients I can… (3 orandas, 1 pearlscale, 2 black moors, 1 panda moor, 1 ryukin, 20+ comet goldfish)”

“Since I began using your foods, my fish have doubled in color quantity. The fish seem to enjoy this food better than any other I have ever tried.”

“My fish love your food it’s the only kind they will eat, I’ve tried others but they refuse it, I have lots of fish and go through a large bag or more every month of the large pellets. Anyways me and my fish both love your food! They keep growing and have beautiful colors!! Thank you!!”