Hikari Sales USA fish and reptile foods showing man feeding fish in aquarium

The Important of Food Texture and Color

What you feed your fish really does matter. If you think children or furry pets are picky eaters, have you ever experienced a aquarium full of some great new food and no nibblers? Balancing the delicate needs of your aquatic population is critical to the health and wellness of your tank.

At Hikari®, we offer one of the world’s most recognized premium aquatic diets. With over 140 years of experience, our customers know that they can count on our science-based nutrient offerings. We’ve taken the time to really understand fish, their regular eating habits, the tastes and textures they prefer and always take into consideration their unique dietary requirements.

With a deep-seated dedication to the health and longevity of fish and aquatic animal environments, here’s what sets us apart:

Species Specific™
With a longstanding practice of honoring Japan’s most revered and time-honored tradition of breeding and keeping fish for beauty, elegance and quality, our team has acquired our market leading position by focusing on ingredient selection and its impact on health and coloration. Our proprietary species-specific™ formulas offer uniquely balanced nutrient profiles designed to pack a punch for your tank.

Food Texture
Texture can radically impact the willingness of your fish to attack the food and the overall satisfaction of your tank’s population. Fish love a live-fish-like texture that mimics what nature would normally offer them in their natural habitat. Additionally, a variety of textures can ensure that your fishy friends rekindle their wild instincts for food.

Food Color
Similar to incorporating a variety of textures, food color can incite your aquatic population to readily attack what you put in their tank. In fact, premium aquatic diets are the secret to fish health, coloration, improved water quality and breeding potential. With outstanding nutrition and color-enhancing capacities, each Hikari® diet is designed to bring out the natural beauty you chose your fish to experience.

If you have questions or don’t know where to begin with optimizing your food choices, reach out to our team, we’re happy to lend an ear and provide some guidance unique to your situation. Contact us today!