Hikari Sales USA fish and reptile foods showing fish in an aquarium

Introducing Reef Riot

At Hikari®, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality, cutting-edge foods for marine species while listening to our customers too. We are thrilled to offer a new product line: Reef Riot™.

This ultra-clean reef blend comes in two different styles; one for carnivores and another fo herbivores. These delicious, food blizzard-type treats offer the following benefits:

  1. Reef Riot™ Herbivore
    A blend of ®Hikari’s proprietary Bio-Pure® frozen products including krill, Canadian Mysis Shrimp from Lake Okanagan, ocean plankton and omega enriched brine shrimp in addition to perch, scallops, and oyster. This proprietary blend includes Bio-Encapsulated Multivitamins and has been processed through the ®Hikari® 3-Step Sterilization™ process to ensure your tank inhabitants’ happiness.
  2. Reef Riot™ Carnivore
    Similar to the herbivore blend, Reef Riot™ Carnivore is an excellent treat for reef carnivorous fish. Incorporating ocean plankton, cyclopoids, krill along with red shrimp and more, this proprietary blend offers a cleaner mix that delivers an ideal ingredient offering.

The Hikari® Process
Our 3-Step Sterilization™ process ensures product safety while guaranteeing the product is free of harmful parasites, bacteria or foul odor, Hikari® is committed to delivering only the best and safest frozen and freeze dried foods from our ISO22000 approved factories, something no other maker has accomplished. Our Reef Riot™ products include ingredients that are gut-loaded with bio-encapsulated multivitamins and fatty acids offering nutrition that is better than live foods along can offer. Through our high-tech freezing and automated packaging process, we maintain the integrity of the animal to avoid pieces and parts common with competitive products.