Hikari Sales USA fish and reptile foods showing fujimac air pump

The New FujiMac Air Pump

The team at Hikari is thrilled to introduce our customers to the newest addition to our offering: the FujiMac line of Air Pumps. For either the enthusiast and experienced aquarium-keeper or those new to the hobby, this extreme quality and highly efficient diaphragm air pump is simply one of the best air pumps available on the market today.

While we’re not known as equipment experts, we know our stuff given our long history of fish breeding and research and the equipment required to do it successfully. FujiMac is an industry leader given their Japanese focus on efficient manufacturing and product quality beyond compare. Here’s why we are loving this great product.

The Many Benefits

Built for energy-savings, the FujiMac air pump provides outstanding performance in addition to ease of use, long life and simple replacement processes for worn parts. With a two-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty, this rugged air pump is built to last.

  • Stable Air Flow
    Smooth, even airflow is important in an air pump and the FujiMac streamlines performance without degradation over time. The result: even air pulses that ensure reliability.
  • Compact
    Small yet mighty, the FujiMac’s use high-quality internal components making them more compact than other competing offerings.
  • Easy to Care For
    The entire pump can be rebuilt in 10 to 15 minutes. Maintenance is easy with two simple tools which can make home fixes a breeze while eliminating the need to replace the whole pump.
  • Safety Switch
    One of our favorite features, the FujiMac air pump comes with an electrical circuit breaker for protection in the event of a diaphragm failure. This prevents internal damage and makes this pump one you can depend on for many years to come.

Built to last with quality beyond repair, get in touch with our team to talk about the other benefits to this incredible air pump.