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  • Saki-Hikari Marine Carnivore pellets is so good that my fish prefer it from other 3 very well recognized brands. If I feed the 4 brands at the same time they eat Saki-Hikari pellets only and they let the other pellets fall to the bottom of the tank."

    Saki-Hikari® Marine Carnivore

  • …I have finally found a product that my betta liked. He sure is one picky betta, he is the only one who refused to eat all the other brand pellets. I tried Topfin, Aqueon, Tetra; even Omega One and he would still not budge. He would spit them back out but that is no longer the case. He really enjoys Hikari Tropical Betta Bio-Gold pellets. Thank you so much and my betta and I will now be your new loyal customers."

    Betta Bio-Gold®

  • All other water conditioners would remove the chloramines, but I kept losing fish to ammonia poisoning. I have just done three consecutive water changes and switched to hikari ultimate water conditioner. The fish show no signs of stress. Chlorine dissipates faster and my fish show no signs of ammonia poisoning. I owe hikari a giant thank you. It looks like I've finally resolved the mystery of my mysterious deaths. Thank you!"


  • I have been using your betta food for a few years now and my bettas are absolutely beautiful thanks to your food! Bettas can be very picky but mine ate this food from day one with no problems."

    —Stephanie Cocco
    Betta Bio-Gold®

  • We acquired 2 wonderful little red eared slider turtles 7 years ago. They have thrived into large adults. We have found that they really like the Bio-Pure FD Tubifex Worms. They dance when they see the container.”

    —Kristen L
    Bio-Pure® Tubifex Worms

  • Frozen Clam on a Half Shell is a great starter food for finicky feeders like large angelfish and butterflyfish, and it can also be a tasty treat for larger tank busters like triggers, tusks and puffers."

    —Jake Adams
    Clam on a Half Shell

  • Picked up a sample pack of your coralific delite at the recent fish show in Orange County. I have been feeding it to my corals and they are exploding with life. My corals have never looked better. Thanks.”

    Coralific Delite


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